New Board!

We have a new board! At the 100th General Members Assembly of 8 September, the 48th Board of Study Association Stress has been constituted in the following order:

Chantal Ermling - Chairman
Chris van den Heuvel - Secretary and Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Roel ten Broek - Treasurer and Commissioner of Public Relations
Monique Willems - Commissioner of External Affairs
Lydia Mak - Commissioner of Educational Affairs

Our Candidate Board period has been a lot of fun, inspiring and we learned a lot. We cannot wait to put all our ideas and knowledge into practice.

We want to thank everyone that has helped us with their support and advice. A special thank you to the 47th Board for their efforts and transfer of knowledge during the past months.

We look forward to an amazing year.


The 48th Board of Study Association Stress - "To Excel"


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