Stress has a lot of committees, currently around 110 people are active in Stress. In a committee you can organize activities, write articles, do the graphical design or do something else in order to develop yourself, gain experience, meet new people and have fun. Below you can find an overview of all the committees you can join! Are you are interested in participating in one (or more) of the committees? Do not hesitate and send an email to the Internal Affairs commisioner or visit us in the Ravelijn and aks for the posibilities or more information.

For the upcoming year, we have the following committees:

  • sITcom
  • Magazine
  • Almanac
  • MediaCie
  • Boeken.com
  • Education Committee
  • Freshmen Committee
  • Party Committee
  • Events Committee
  • KIDS
  • SportCie
  • GalaCie
  • SchranCie
  • PilsCie
  • WeekendCie
  • ExcurCie
  • External Affairs Committee
  • German External Affairs Committee
  • Stress Congress
  • Master Committee
  • Thesis Market
  • StressTrip
  • International Committee



The sITcom is responsible for all the IT stuff of Stress. It has to make sure all servers work correct and maintains other hardware. Of course, there is also room for your own projects if you want to improve something. So if you like programming or fancy IT, then this is the committee for you!


This year Stress will publish a magazine to continue the hopefully successful first version. The aim is to publish the magazine in the second and fourth quartile and send it to our members. The magazine will contain for example interviews with managers, business trends and research done by managers. The aim of the magazine is to inform our members on what is needed in today’s businesses, provide an interesting magazine aimed at their interests and, the magazine will create a professional image for the association. The committee for this magazine will contact teachers and company for contributions in the magazine, write most of the articles and design the lay-out.


This year, there will also be an almanac-committee, last two years this committee successfully created analmanac that was much appreciated by our members and we want to publish an almanac again this year. The almanac is a book that looks back on the activities and the association throughout the year and writes pieces about the committees and their activities. It also includes the pictures of the events throughout the year.


The MediaCie is responsible for the pictures and movies of every event. As a member of the MediaCie you go to a part of the events and take beautiful pictures. After the event, you will pick out the good ones, make some modifications and you put them online. So if you are good with cameras or trying to learn, this is definitely the committee for you!



The Boeken.com handles the supply of the study books for all the members of Stress. They make sure the correct books are ordered on time and take care of the book sales. Does the ordering of books, handling the financial side, and arranging the selling of the books sound like fun to you? Do you want to take responsibility? Then join the Boeken.com!

Education Committee 

This committee is aimed at improving the quality of the study of you and your fellow students. The Education Committee keeps the exam and summary database on the Stress site up-to-date, which the members can use to practice and learn for their own exams. When there are complaints from the students concerning education, about one of the courses of one of our studies for example, they will be handled by this committee.


Freshmen Committee

The EJC is the freshmen committee, which is created to improve the contact between first-year students by organizing events exclusively for them. Some examples are go-kart racing, lasergaming and movie nights. Furthermore, the EJC arranges each year the parents day. This is a day where parents get the chance to see what their son/daughter actually does at the university and a day on which they can feel like a student again.

Party Committee

The party committee organizes all the parties and drinks. As a member of the party committee you will, for example, decide what the theme of the parties will be, decorate the location, and arrange DJs. Besides that, the committee organizes other events like the Christmas Karaoke Drink in the MBasement.

Events Committee

This committee could organise events like lasergaming, a beerpong tournament or a trip to moviepark Germany, almost everything is possible. The idea of this committee is to organise more events for all the members. So if you want to organise a big event available for all members, you should join this committee!


During the Kick-In Stress organizes a camp for 200 new freshmen students for three days. The KIDS committee gets the chance to make it an unforgettable experience for these freshmen. The members of the committee need to search for a location, arrange the facilities and make an awesome program. Do you want to organize this experience for new students? Then you should join this committee!


The SportCie organizes sport activities for members of Stress, sets up teams to join sport events (like the Batavierenrace and StAf-toernooi), organizes sports workshops, and much more. Examples are a curling workshop, a large soccer tournament and indoor skiing. A big event for the SportCie is the Batavierenrace, world’s largest relay race. They will make sure Stress has a team and takes care of the logistical end. A good reason to join this committee and organise this event!


Last year Stress organised a gala in ‘de Jaargetijden’ in collaboration with Communiqué. There was a band and a whole lot of booze. If you want to organise this big gala, want to cooperate with another association and take care of the music, you should definitely join this committee!


The SchranCie is responsible for every event Stress organized related to food. Last year this committee came up with various tosti-events with the most original recipes for tosti’s. It is always nice to eat with your friend with the holidays, the SchranCie can provide with events like the Christmas dinner and the Easter brunch. So are you into food and organizing events, then SchranCie is definitely something for you!


The PilsCie is responsible for all the drinks in the mBasement, our own place for the drinks. For every drink, they arrange the bartenders, people with ERO (BHV in Dutch) and the reservation of the bar itself. Next to it, they arrange drinks on their own. So if you like a beer and think that it is fun to organise these drinks, then it is definitely something for you!


After a successful winter holiday of last year, we wanted to extend the responsibilities of this committee, so that they will not only organise a skiing trip, where people can ski/snowboard, but also a sailing trip in the spring/summer. So, if you are into holidays and like to organise these, then this is definitely your committee.



This committee is in charge of organizing excursions to companies. Excursions show you the how your gained knowledge from theory is applied in real life at companies! Members of the committee have contact with many companies, which improves your communicating skills and of course broadens your network. A good example is an excursion to the famous Grolsch brewery to see how our beloved beer is produced.

The External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee is the committee that maintains the contacts between Stress and organizations from all over the Netherlands and organizes activities in cooperation with them. They organize activities like the lunch lectures at which you can get in touch with companies, the CEO lectures and the workshops.

Germany External Affairs Committee

To help the External Affairs Commissioner, a German variant of the External Affairs Committee will be formed. With the help of two or three German students, the External Affairs Commissioner will try to find German companies to enlarge the service we provide to our members.


Stress Congress

Last year, the Stress Congress made a comeback. The Stress Congress is a day filling event that is organised in collaboration with several companies. The purpose of the day for students is to get in touch with these companies through lectures by people in the business life, case studies / training from renowned companies, a drink and possibly a business dinner. The day is organised in the third quartile of the academic year 2017-2018. If you want to get in touch with companies and interesting speakers, this is the committee for you!

Master Committee

In recent years, Stress did not have a lot of bonding with the master students. To investigate this matter and to organise new activities for masters. With this committee, we would like to achieve more awareness for Stress and hope to organise more successful activities. It is possible also possible to join this committee only for a half year, due to graduating.

Thesis market

This year in December the thesis market will be organized. The thesis market committee will be an intense committee, because the event will be organized in the second quartile. The members of the committee will help the External & Educational Affairs Commissioners with searching for companies, keeping contact with the teachers and the organization of the day itself.



This committee organizes a fun weekend trip to a European city of their choice for a group of members of Stress. This includes tasks like planning and arranging the transport, making the schedule of what you will be doing there and leading the trip itself.

International committee

The international committee has the goal to decrease the gap between international and Dutch students. The committee will consist of several international and several Dutch people, to get a big reach for the activities. The committee is free to choose activities, however the goal is to organise international oriented events, for example an international beer tasting, a workshop on how to be dutch etc.