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Brunch with the bunny

Brunch with the Bunny, the Easter event of the year. When talking about efficiency this is the moment get the most out of your money. Because of inflation, the nice weather and other random things we have a high variety of delicatessen and drinks. We encourage you to eat and drink (responsible) with the bunny and we cannot wait to see you there! The costs will be €3,50

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Lunch Lecture Stork

On Tuesday the 25th of april we would like to see you all for the lunchlecture of Stork B.V.

Stork is a Dutch manufacturing and service providing company. In this lecture they will tell you everything about the company, the opportunities Stork can give with their traineeships, and what they do more!

Besides that there is also lunch, so please note if you come to the lecture. You can do that in this facebook event.

See you there!

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Inhouseday VDL ETG Almelo

In collaboration with the company VDL ETG, Stress is organising an inhouse day at the production plant in Almelo. The inhouse day is meant for all bachelor and master students who are members of Stress. VDL is a “cutting edge” company who delivers their products to leading high-tech customers all over the world. In the afternoon of April 26th we will leave Enschede to visit VDL. During our visit a presentation about the company, a company tour and a small case will be planned for all participants. Afterwards there will be room for some drinks, so make sure you’re there!

You can follow your morning lectures, because after 12:30 we will go to Almelo by bus. If you do not have a week-OV, then you can get your money back from Stress. 

So if you want to join, click on subscribe and we will see you the 26th. 

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Panel meeting HOLI

YOU want the opportunity to influence the design of your studies? YOU want to give feedback on your current study experience?

Then feel free to join our panelmeeting at the 28th April for a FREE LUNCH and take part! Hope to see some of you there :)

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Stress' Team Batavierenrace

On April the 29th, the 45th Batavierenrace is held. Of course Stress will send a team to the biggest relay race in the world. For this team Stress is looking for 25 runners and you can be one of them! If you want to be part of the Batavierenrace and want to represent Stress during the race, keep an eye on the Stress website. From the 1th of February on it will be possible to sign up for the team. The subcription will open at 17:00. All subscribers will get a chance to state their preferred stage(s) and with these preferences the SportCie will put a team together. If you have troubles logging in on the website, send an email to sportcie@stress.utwente.nl after the subscription's opening. The participant fee is €16,-

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After Bata Dinner

After Bata Dinner, do you want to have dinner with everybody who ran during the Batavierenrace? Congratulate them on their fantastic time. In the meantime you can have a drink with students from other places in the Netherlands. The study associations Synergy (Business Administration from Nijmegen), Curius  (Technische Bestuurskunde from Delft) and Industria (Industrial Engineering and Management from Eindhoven) will join us for dinner. So this subscription is especially for members who won't participate in the Batavierenrace. The costs for this dinner will be €6,50

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StAf Tournament

The StAf-tournament, a football tournament for all study associations, will be organised by VV Drienerlo during the fourth quartile. Therefore, the Sportcie is looking for football and non-football players to join the Stress teams and win back the Cup. You could be part of it so gather your friends and subscribe to play some football! Stress will participate will several teams, each of different skill levels so please let us know how your football skills rate. (Being a star of the third half counts as a footbal skill in one of the teams.)

Games will be played on Monday-Thursday evenings in May. 

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Improvement games TBK1

Heb jij nog ideeën over hoe TBK verbeterd kan worden?

Omdat jullie, eerstejaars TBK'ers, hebben laten merken dat jullie graag meehelpen met het verbeteren van jullie opleiding, organiseert de Onderwijs Commissie nogmaals een Improvement Games. Tijdens de lunchpauze van woensdag 3 mei, in RAXXXX, staan er weer een hoop broodjes klaar voor jullie, zodat we het samen over de afgelopen module kunnen hebben! Goede punten, slechte punten en verbeterideeën, alles waar jullie het over willen hebben zal langskomen. En dat allemaal zonder dat er docenten aanwezig zijn!

Natuurlijk worden wel alle punten die besproken worden anoniem genotuleerd, om vervolgens naar de opleidingsdirecteur gestuurd te worden.

Dus schrijf het nu in je agenda: Woensdag 3 mei, RAXXXX, 12:45u, Improvement Games MOD3.

Mogelijke agendapunten kun je alvast insturen naar oc@stress.utwente.nl.

Omdat het tijdens de lunchpauze is, zal er gratis lunch geregeld worden voor jullie. Ben je van plan te komen, schrijf je dan in op de Stress site.

Heb je problemen met inloggen, stuur dan een mailtje naar bovenstaand emailadres!

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Freshmen GlowGolf

Hello Freshmen,

Wednesday the 3th of May our 4th event will take place! This time we will go glowgolfing in Enschede. We will gather at half past 7 at GlowGolf Enschede, the address is J.J. van Deinselaan 30a. The costs will be 5 euro, which is only for the Glow Golf itself. We are very excited to organise this event, we hope you will be just as excited to join us.

We hope to see you then!

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Excursion to the Port of Rotterdam

The Excurcie organises her next trip on Monday the 8th of May. We will visit the largest port of Europe situated here in our little country: the port of Rotterdam. With 42 kilometres in length the Rotterdam port is the gateway to a European market that serves more than 350 million consumers. Every year over 27.000 sea going vessels and around 100.000 inland vessels arrive at the Rotterdam port.

The 8th of May will be your opportunity to see for yourself how this beautiful port operates.

The only thing you have to do is subscribe for this awesome excursion and we will organise everything.

This excursion will contain the following:

  • Bus trip from Stress to the Rotterdam port. You can also come aboard at Rotterdam Centraal (sent us an email if you want to join us at Rotterdam Centraal)
  • Three company visits in the Rotterdam port.
  • A drive around the harbour.
  • Bus trip back to Stress.

This whole day trip starts at 07:15 am at the University and will finish around 06:00 pm, and all this will be arranged for only €8,75. The subscription deadline is 30th of April 23:59.

!Keep in mind that you have to bring your own lunch!

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Cooking Workshop with BDO

On Wednesday the 10th of May, Stress will organize a cooking workshop for master students. During this workshop you get the opportunity to learn more about BDO in an informal way. 

In order to apply, please send your resume to mastercie@stress.utwente.nl before the 3rd of May.

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