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Panel Meeting TBK 1 Module 3

Dear students,

Due to circumstances, the panel meeting is rescheduled. The panel meeting will now take place on the 19th of March in RA4231 in the break (12:45h-13:30h). So if you want to improve the quality of your study please join this panel meeting. This panel meeting is organised by the quality support team of BMS together with study association Stress. Please subscribe at the Stress site so we know how much free lunch we have to order for all of you!

Please subscribe or sent a mail to i.c.hoonhorst@student.utwente.nl

Hope to see you all on the 19th of March.

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Klaverjas tournament

Often playing card games in the Stress room? Time for an official event. Come to the MBasement on the 19th of March to fight for the title of the undisputed Stress Klaverjas Champion! Since Klaverjassen is played in couples, besides subscribing here, on the Stress website, you should also send an e-mail to klaverjascie@stress.utwente.nl mentioning your partner.

The tournament will consist of a group stage followed by a knock-out phase where each team will play against teams of the same strength. The winners of the group stage fight for the everlasting glory of becoming the Stress Klaverjas Champion.


The tournament will follow the traditional Amsterdam rules meaning there is no obligation to trump when the partner is heading the trick. For the determining the trump the person left to the dealer has the first right to choose whether he will accept the suit as trump followed by the other players in clockwise order. If everyone passes the suit, the first player has can choose trump from the three other suits; it isn’t allowed anymore to play on the original suit as trump.

Before the tournament each participant will receive a document containing all the rules.

See you at the tournament on the 19th of March!

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Hot Dog Eating Contest

Are you also always disappointed by the small amount of hotdogs in one unit of hotdogs? The SchranCie has found the ultimate solution! On the 20th of March in the lunch break, the Schrancie presents an eating contest where you will be challenged to eat as many hotdogs as you can handle in 10 minutes! For only 3 euros you can prove that you are ‘The Stress Schrans Champion of 2018’, a title that can't be missing on your CV. Not really a good eater? The hotdogs will be sold separately for €0,50. It will not be possible to pin during the event, so please take cash with you!

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Board Interest Activity: Discussion Drink

It is already time for the third board interest activity: the Discussion Drink! In the previous activities, you had the chance to get a general idea about a board year at Stress and to get to know a better idea about the specific functions. During the next drink, you will have the possibility to discuss several important topics with the other interested students.

So, are you interested in doing a board year? Do you want to know what you can change within Stress? Come to the ONS Eten & Drinken on the 20th of March!
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EVC presents: Stress goes Bounzing

Always wanted to jump like a kangaroo? To play dodgeball on trampolines or just jump around with your friends? This is your chance! On the 21st of March the EVC presents: Stress goes Bounzing. We will start at 8 pm. We gather at Stress at 7:40pm, but you can also go to Bounz on your own. The costs will be 5 euros, including entrance, lemonade and instructions.

If you would like to participate in this awesome event, please subscribe to this event!

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Lunch Lecture ORTEC

On the 22th of March, Stress will organize a lunch lecture which will be given by ORTEC. ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solution. ORTEC has a very broad variation of products, which differ from special software, consulting, sport analyses and more. They serve clients across 4 continents in almost every industry, so the company is interesting for each IBA and IEM student. During this lecture the company will introduce their work and talk about the opportunities for you at ORTEC.

So, if you are interested in the company and a free lunch, join the lunch lecture in RA 2502 on March the 22th at 12:45h.

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Inhouseday KPMG

On the 28th of March, Stress organizes an inhouseday in cooperation with KPMG Enschede. KPMG can be found in 155 countries. The company offers audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors. The Inhouseday will start with an presentation followed by a case. Dutch speaking master students can join this inhouseday by sending their curriculum vitae to extern@stress.utwente.nl. The deadline for sending your curriculum vitae is March 26th 12:00 PM. The inhouseday will start at 10:00 AM and will end around 2:00 PM with a lunch. So, if you want to join the inhouseday, send your curriculum vitae before the deadline!

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As Batman into your Good Friday

29th of March at 20:00 is the moment where you can go as Batman into your good Friday! A Tremendous drinking fight will be held in Gotham village(MBasement). Join the fight with your own heroic themed team(4-6 students) and start drinking UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF BEER. The fight can be won by earning points per dressed team member and consumed pitcher! The winning team will earn A HUGE TROPHY WITH INSCRIPTIONS OF THE TEAM MEMBERS that can be held for a whole year. 

Join with your team by subscribing at the Stress website and send a mail towards partycie@stress.utwente.nl before 28 of March 18:00. Just want to enjoy the fight? No problem!  The entrance costs will be €7.50! Eager to know how to earn additional points or lose them?! Keep up to date and really soon you will receive the rules of the night! Still got some questions, just email us!

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Stress team Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace is the biggest relay race in the world. Each year 350 teams participate with a total of over 8,500 participants. From Nijmegen to Enschede about 175km will be covered running, split up in 25 stages and each stage has a different distance. More info about the race itself can be found on batavierenrace.nl.

Tomorrow evening at 19h00 Stress will open the subscription for its Bata team. There are only 25 spots available in the team so if you want to join the Stress team, make sure you subscribe soon. The participants of the team will be selected by the First Come First Serve principle. There are more spots but those are for back up so if you sign up after 25 others already signed up you are the back up.

If you sign up for Stress, please let us know what kind of distance you want to/will be able to run. The Sportcie will try to keep this in mind while drafting our team but we can not make any guarantees. Also please let us know if you will join our dinner together with the sister associations of Stress afterwards.

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Stress Trip goes to Milan

This year the time has come again! From the 17th till the 21st of May we’re going abroad with Stress. This year the destination of the StressTrip will be the city of Milan! In this Italian city full of fashion and design, we will not just go shopping all day and party all night, but also have a whole set of activities like a company visit to Ferrari, the world-famous car brand and A2A, which is an Italian multi-service company, mainly active in the production and distribution of electricity and gas. Besides, we will visit Bocconi University. And especially for the guys among us we will visit the stadium of San Siro which is the home of A.C. Milan and Inter Milan.

The costs of this epic journey will be 145 euros. This will include the journey by bus, costs of the accommodation (breakfast and dinner included), the company visits to Ferrari and A2A, a visit to Bocconi University and last but not least a trip to San Siro.

Be quick to subscribe, because there are only 40 places available and full=full!

N.B. Subscription for this event is binding!

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