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Lunch Lecture Shell

For this next Lunch lecture we will be joined by Shell.

The Lunch Lecture will focus on how Shell tackles its NCF within the Energy Transition by having a closer look at the portfolio change of Shell.

Energy is a fundamental human need. It is essential for survival, for health and the benefits of modern life. We need it for cooking, heating and cooling, for travel and all forms of economic activity. Every product we buy or service we use to make our lives better comes from a business or organization that relies on energy. Energy enables opportunities for a growing population seeking to improve their quality of life. By 2050, the UN expects the world population to be close to 10 billion. Society faces a dual challenge: how to extend the benefits of energy to everyone on the planet while making a transition to a low-carbon energy future to manage the risks of climate change.

Over the past decade, Shell has been heavily investing in energy solutions other than just the conventional oil and gas industry. Also, societal expectations are now increasing, as investors and consumers are increasingly more involved. In addition, the energy mix is changing to meet the energy demand of tomorrow. The world is transitioning from fossil energy sources to more renewable and sustainable alternatives. In order to keep up with these changes, Shell has no choice but to adapt its portfolio. Shell has committed itself to the Paris Agreement to significantly reduce its Net Carbon Footprint (NCF). Whether Shell will be able to meet this goal or not, it will without a doubt be a challenging road ahead to thrive through the Energy Transition. 

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Christmas Dinner

On the 18th of December you are invited to join the fancy Christmas dinner.

For only 20 euros you can enjoy an exquisite three-course dinner and unlimited amazing wine.

If you have any allergies please make sure to fill that in so the caterer can take that into account.

Location: Atrium in the Ravelijn

Walk in from 18:30 and the dinner will start at around 19:00.

After the dinner you are all invited to the Karaoke escalation drink (KKKK) in the MBasement!

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Do you like to sing or hear other people sing? Or just like to laugh at your friend who tries to sing but sounds horrible? Or you just don’t know what to do after the Christmas dinner? On Wednesday the 18th of December the kkkk (keiharde Kerst karaoke klem/ Christmas karaoke drink) will take place in the Mbasement. It will start at 22:00 And the first 35 people to be there will get a Christmas hat!

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Panel Meeting module 2 IBA

Dear IBA students,

Do you want to improve the quality of your study while enjoying a free lunch? On Thursday the 19th of December in the break (12:45h - 13:30h), the Quality Support Team and Stress organise a panel meeting for IBA module 2. At this panel meeting (most of) your teachers, your Module Coordinator, and your Programme Coordinator are present to discuss the up- and downsides of your module. Your opinion about the module is most important at this meeting. You can bring up all tips, tricks or complaints to improve the module during this meeting. In order to come up with possible solutions or improvements, a brainstorm will take place to make your study program even better!

If you want to join the panel meeting, please sign up at this event on stress.utwente.nl or send an email to: e.m.vandisseldorp@student.utwente.nl so we know for how many people we have to order free lunch!

See you on the 19th of December!

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Personalized mugs!

Get your personalized mug now!

Are you always using a mug when at the university? Then we have an amazing offer for you! Always a mug available, with the best design you can imagine. The Stress logo is on it, but even better your own name is too! Register to be on the list.

When you subscribe you agree with a withdrawal of €5 from your account. Fill in the textbox for the desired text on your mug. 

Picture: https://www.mupload.nl/img/ltqn9yxzfw.jpg

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Panel Meeting premaster IEM

For all students that just finished the pre master of IEM or that are still following some courses: we love to hear feedback from both of you!

That is why we organize a panel meeting, including free lunch (!), to hear all your comments about the premaster.

The program coordinator will be there to listen to your opinion on the separate courses, the organization, the balance between deadlines, the connection between pre master and master (if you already started) and everything else that you like to discuss!

The panel meeting will take place at the 8th of January, at 12.30 - 13.30 at RA2231.

Please sign up here to make sure that there will be enough lunch.

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Dinner with Slimstock

Slimstock: Market Leader in Inventory Optimisation

Since its foundation in 1993, Slimstock has become the market leader in Europe on the realm of inventory optimization. Currently, our customer base consists of more than 1000 customers worldwide. We design, develop and implement our own software called Slim4, which facilitates forecasting, demand planning and inventory management. The software enables companies to have the right inventory levels at the right place and the right time.

Practical Solutions & Expertise

Besides our software solutions, we also provide support and professional services like coaching, analyses and interim-professionals. At the office in Deventer, we have our own academy in which we provide trainings for our colleagues and users. Next to that, we also share our knowledge and experience at (international) events and trade fairs.

The Result

We help our customers to lower their inventory, while increasing the service levels at the same time. In this way the revenue grows, whereas the costs decrease. In this way, the investment in the software can be earned back in 1 year.

Slimstock Young Professional Program

Do you have endless ambition and are you close to finishing your master in Industrial Engineering and Management or Business Administration? Then you are the one we are looking for!

Within our Young Professional program, we offer you the chance to develop yourself in the fields of consultancy, sales or development. We will provide you with personal coaching, training and the possibility to obtain practical experience. After a year you will have an idea of what your preferences and your talents are. Based on your passion and skills, in the second year you will choose the direction which suits you best.


Subscribe and send your CV to extern@stress.utwente.nl before 08-01-20 12:00

Dutch-speaking students: https://www.slimstock.com/nl/vacatures/programma-toptalent/

International students: https://www.slimstock.com/en/careers/

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Ski Trip to Italy

Dear Stress members,

After the successes of previous ski trips, it is time to go on an amazing ski trip once again! This year the trip will go to Marilleva. We will leave on Thursday the 12th of March in the afternoon and will arrive on Friday in the morning, just in time to start skiing! In the evening of Sunday we will leave and in the early morning of Monday the 16th of March we will arrive at the university.

We will stay at Residence Marilleva 1400, about 50 metres from the ski slope and the city centre is within walking distance. Marilleva is located in the sun-drenched ski area of Val di Sol, Trentino, Italy. The ski area is about 180 kilometres and it has excellent slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. The great après-ski opportunities and accommodation’s neighbouring bar should not make partying that hard.

The SkiCie is offering for €299.5, the bus trip, 3-day ski pass, accommodation and breakfast. For a maximum of 70 euros extra, you can rent materials and get some insurance. These price of rentals starts at 41 euros and there are different levels of rentable material, so you can make yourself as much professional as you like.

The equipment you can rent:

•Skis only: Basic (€41), Middle Range (€43), High Range (€52);

•Ski material: Basic (€45), Middle Range (€47), High Range (€56);

•Snowboard only (€45);

•Snowboard material (€51).

A helmet can be rented as well.

So, if you want an unforgettable weekend, an awesome winter gadget, unbelievable fun, convince all your friends to come along and ski with us!

The number of available spots is 56 and the deadline for subscribing is the 10th of December, so be quick!

We hope to see you all during the ski trip in March!!

The SkiCie

Be aware that subscription for this event is binding after the 10th of December!

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