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Announcement Drink Stress Congress

To open the subscriptions of the Stress Congress, there will be a drink on the 17th of January. During this drink, the speakers and companies will be revealed. Next to it, there will be one free keg of beer! Besides this, there will also be a lottery amongst the people who subscribe during the drink. The price of the lottery will be two €12,50-vouchers for the liquor store! The drink starts at 16.00 and after the free keg is gone, there can be paid with Stress tokens and with the new prices it will be 10 tokens for 5 euros. Hope to see you then!

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Indesign course

Always wanted to design and make your own brochures or magazines? Than this is your chance! On the 18th of January, Stress organises an Indesign Course where you will learn the basics of Indesign. During this course, snacks and drinks will be provided, so subscribe here and we hope to see you all on the 18th on January!

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Study Evening TBK MOD2

Do you or one of your friends have trouble with preparing your resit or have just now realized that you have a test coming up soon? Tag you friend with whom you would come to this evening! Hop by during the study evening, get a cup of coffee and ask your last important questions to one of the Student Assistants. There is no entrance fee or whatsoever, just a great opportunity to study for your tests!

On this evening, Student Assistants of Operations Research will be present to answer your questions about this subject. However, if you want to study other subjects you are welcome as well!

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The second module is almost over! To celebrate this, S.A. Stress is going to Club IndeX on February 3rd. IndeX is a club in Schüttorf, Germany. We will go by bus. Because we’re all proud of our country and association, the dresscode will be Orange. The costs of this will be 8 euros (drinks not included). Before our departure, there will also be a drink in the MBasement. A reward will await for those who follow the dresscode. Hope to see you there!

The PartyCie

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Football match: FC Twente vs AZ

Dear Stressmembers,

Do you like watching football and do you like to visit a game of the pride of Enschede? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you, because the 7th of February we are going to FC Twente-AZ. For only €14,- you are able to witness this nice game, you can subscribe for this event on the stress website (stress.utwente.nl). The match starts at 18.30, so we will gather at Stress at 17.30 and then we will go together to the Grolsch Veste.

We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,
The Sportcie

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BA MSc Information Session

On the 14th of February, the program management of IBA/BA organises an information session for all UT Bachelors to get a more in-depth view of the BA Master.

Discover the different specialisation tracks and research orientations in this interesting information session, with presentations of the program director, master coordinator and specialisation coordinators.

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IEM MSc Information Session

On the 19th of February, the program management of TBK/IEM organises an information session for all UT Bachelors to get a more in-depth view of the IEM Master. 

Discover the different specialisation tracks and research orientations in this interesting case study paired with extensive presentations of the specialisation coordinators.

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Excursion to Thales

First of all, ExcurCie wishes you all a happy new year. The first excursion in 2018 will take place on thursday the 15th of February. This time, we will be going to Hengelo to visit Thales, which is an important company for Defensie. They are primarily involved in naval defence systems, like sensors, radars and infrared systems, but also in air defence and communication and navigation products. Because some graduates end up working at Thales, it might be a nice opportunity for you to see where you could be working in a few years.

At Thales, we will be getting an introduction of the company and learn about their processes and implementation of LEAN management. We will also get information about working at Thales, and someone with the same study background will give a short presentation. This might a good opportunity to ask questions! Also, we will be getting a guided tour at the company.

If you want to join us at this informative and FREE excursion, you can sign up at the Stress website! You will be asked to give your identification number on your passport, driver’s licence or ID (so not your BSN number). The excursion will start at 13:30, so we expect you to be at Stress at 12:45 where we will go to Thales by bike. The excursion will end at approximately 17:15. Only a limited amount of people can come with us, so sign up as soon as possible! You can sign up until the 7th of February.

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Parents' Day


Do your parents know what you’re actually doing on a typical day at the university? No? Take them to the Parents’ Day and show them how to survive such a wonderful day. Let your parents experience a day with a lecture, a tutorial and a super fun drink at our very own MBasement to top it off. On the 17th of February, we start the day at 10.30h with a nice cup of coffee or tea before we continue to the very first lecture of the day. After an hour we interrupt the day a little to have some well-deserved lunch, provided by Subway, and go on after that with the tutorial of the day. We end our day with a walk around the campus and at 16.00h we will have a drink.

If you haven’t subscribed already and want to come, you can do this at the Stress site by filling out the form before the 31st of January. You can accompany us for only €7,50 per parent, €2,50 per accompanying sibling and students are free. The costs will be withdrawn from your bank account after the Parents' Day. If you have already subscribed to the event by mail or letter, you don't have to do it on the site! So, if you would like to show your parents where they actually shipped you off to, join us on the 17th of February!

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Stress & Communiqué Gala

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Take out your agendas, because on the 22nd of February the annual Stress & Communique Gala will be held. This year it’ll carry the name ‘Snow Ball’, which matches the theme of the gala. For this wonderful evening, Park Location ‘De Jaargetijden’ will be transformed into an absolute winter wonderland where you can enjoy unlimited drinks and party till you drop together with your friends. We will be expecting you to dress appropriately according to the dresscode, which is ‘white tie’.

In summary:
What:  Stress & Communiqué Gala
Where: Park Location ‘De Jaargetijden’
When: Thursday 22nd of February (22.00-02.00)
Price: €30
Where to get tickets: Stress or Communiqué room

Stil in need of someone who guides you to the gala? Don’t worry, because a week before the gala we will be organising a special evening so you can get to know all the gala attendants of both Stress as Communiqué.

For the men: Haven’t you got an appropriate suit yet or do you just want to buy a new one? On the 7th of February, a suit day in cooperation with Gents will be held in the MBasement. On this day, you will be able to get a full-on suit for the price of only €135.

All that is left for you to do now is to rush to the Stress or Communique room to get your tickets! Tickets will be available from the 11th of January (this Thursday) until they are sold out, so you might want to be quick with this one! 

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Stress team Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace is the biggest relay race in the world. Each year 350 teams participate with a total of over 8,500 participants. From Nijmegen to Enschede about 175km will be covered running, split up in 25 stages and each stage has a different distance. More info about the race itself can be found on batavierenrace.nl.

Tomorrow evening at 19h00 Stress will open the subscription for its Bata team. There are only 25 spots available in the team so if you want to join the Stress team, make sure you subscribe soon. The participants of the team will be selected by the First Come First Serve principle. There are more spots but those are for back up so if you sign up after 25 others already signed up you are the back up.

If you sign up for Stress, please let us know what kind of distance you want to/will be able to run. The Sportcie will try to keep this in mind while drafting our team but we can not make any guarantees. Also please let us know if you will join our dinner together with the sister associations of Stress afterwards.

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