Looking for a great suitable office space or workstation? At you’ll be able to find the best virtual offices, workstations and customized office spaces throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!

So, whether you are looking for one workstation or an open office floor of over thousand square meters, together with SKEPP you’ll find the office that perfectly fits your needs.

Step 1: Officelisting

The business of SKEPP is based on 3 core principles: officelisting, officemanager and officeplanner. Officelisting describes SKEPP as an online broker. It’s our goal to make sure that (young) professionals can easily find a perfect suitable office space. We do help these professionals with an appropriate advice and only present a shortlist of best suitable office spaces. We will take care of planning your office viewing(s) with landlords and we’ll check if landlords offer you a fair rental price.

Officelisting & manager for landlords

On the other hand, it’s our profession to find new tenants for landlords. How we make this happen? SKEPP visits your office, sends a professional photographer to take outstanding pictures and writes a SEO-optimized text to make sure your office is easy to find. By having the most up-to-date availability of all offices and by taking into account the criteria of potential tenants, SKEPP can match them directly with one of your offices.

SKEPP then plans your office viewing(s), gathers feedback and takes care of your rental offers, contracts and administration. This brings us to officemanager, an online dashboard in which you as a landlord can see all the contracts, invoices, floor plans of your own office, VAT reports and much more. The costs? You only pay a fixed price from €9,95- per tenant (rental contract) per month.

Step 2: Officemanager for tenants

Back to the services we take care about for you as a tenant. As you (could) have seen in the previous paragraph, we also unburden landlords with rental offers and contracts. Besides, we also send the monthly rental invoices. The greatest advantage for you? SKEPP stays involved during the whole rental period. Comparing to other online comparison websites, we therefore offer better housing options because we remain involved throughout your whole rental period.

Step 3: Officeplanner

What makes our business unique, is that SKEPP is also able to design and build the interior of your new office space by a service called officeplanner. A service in which you can choose from two interior design styles: CITY or URBAN. Both styles are build out of so-called cocoons which are easily (de)mountable. This means that you, as a tenant, can quickly move within available office buildings and rentable spaces. This service meets 100% flexibility, both technically and financially speaking. In the end, it’s also a economically sustainable product because depreciation will be smeared over multiple users.

Officeplanner for landlords

In short: SKEPP invests in furniture, delivers a suitable tenant, guarantees a fixed income for landlords and performs all administrative duties. Win-win-win. SKEPP, at home at office.


After a successful start in the Netherlands, SKEPP opened its first office abroad in Brussels in June 2017. And in September this year, SKEPP will be operating in Dusseldorf (Germany) as well. All of this makes SKEPP a great place to work! You will be part of a young, growing and over and above all, innovative Proptech company that supports employees’ personal development and growth.