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September 8, 2021
Do group tournament
To find out what dogroup is the best and most active dogroup, we have set up a competition. This competition will... Read more
September 23, 2021
Prom Dancing Lessons
Of course you want to leave an everlasting impression at the prom this year. You cannot only do this by wearing the... Read more
September 24, 2021
Do Group Drink
Join this Friday afternoon drink! If you join with your do group you can earn points for the do group tournament. If... Read more


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The 47th Candidate Board of Study Association Stress!

With great pride and much joy, we announce the 47th Candidate Board of Study Association Stressūü•≥ Kim Buursema - Chairman Hugo... Lees meer

The 47th Candidate Board of Study Association Stress!

The 47th Board of Stress!!!

We are proud to present the 47th Board of Study Association Stress: Kim Buursema - Chairman‚Ā† Hugo Lubbers - Secretary‚Ā† Belle... Lees meer

The 47th Board of Stress!!!
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