This committee is aimed at improving the quality of the study of you and your fellow students. The Education Committee keeps the summary database on the Stress site up-to-date, which the members can use to practice and learn for their own exams. When there are complaints from the students concerning education, about one of the courses of one of our studies for example, they will be handled by this committee. For difficult subjects, Stress organises study evenings. The Education Committee organises these study evenings in cooperation with the Commissioner of Educational Affairs. Furthermore, for every module students get a chance to voice their concerns through panel meetings. These are handled by the Education Committee and the Commissioner of Educational Affairs.


Target group/year: First year IBA and IEM, second year IBA and IEM & third year IBA and IEM
Duration: Whole year
Intensity: 2 hours per week

Committee Members

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Education Committee 2016-2017