During the Kick-In Stress organizes a camp for around 200 new freshmen students for three days. The KIDS committee gets the chance to make it an unforgettable experience for these freshmen. The members of the committee need to search for a location, arrange the facilities and make an awesome program. Do you want to organize this experience for new students? Then you should join this committee!


Target group/year: Second year and higher
Duration: Whole year
Intensity: 3 hours in the beginning of the year, up to 10 hours in quartile 4

Committee Members

  • Gershom van der Sluis (Chairman)
  • Max Haasewinkel (Treasurer)
  • Luca Sehic (Marketing Officer)
  • Chantal Ermling
  • Geraldine Ax

Contact: kids@stress.utwente.nl

KIDS 2021-2022