The SportCie organizes sports activities for members of Stress, sets up teams to join sports events (like the Batavierenrace and StAf-tournament), organises sports workshops, and much more. Examples are a curling workshop, a large soccer tournament, and in-door skiing. A big event for the SportCie is the Batavierenrace, the world’s largest relay race. They will make sure Stress has a team and takes care of the logistical end. A good reason to join this committee and organise this event!


Target group/year: All students
Duration: Whole year
Intensity: 2 hours per week

Committee Members

  • Chris van den Heuvel (Chairman)
  • Jan Hein Swillens (Treasurer)
  • Jelmar Vochteloo
  • Mathieu Koot (Marketing Officer)
  • Moritz Obermeier
  • Jeremy Blaauw

Contact: ​​​​​​​

SportCie 2021-2022