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The Study principle of Stress consists of all activities that have to do with the studies that Stress represents: International Business Administration (IBA), Business Administration (BA) and Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM).

On this page, you can find our exam & summary database, and on the left of the page, you can find more information about ordering your books and filing complaints.

Moreover, Stress organizes improvement games to evaluate all courses, together with the students. The goal of these improvement games is to improve the quality of the education.

Curious what improvement actions where set last year, check out the site of the Quality Support Team!
For IBA:
For IEM BSc:
For BA:
For IEM MSc:

To support the Commissioner of Educational Affairs with handling complaints and collecting summaries, there is the Education Committee (in short: EC). The EC consists of six students: one in every year of both bachelors (IBA and IEM).

IBA 1: Jan KuhnkeIEM 1: Ralph Sikosek
IBA 2: Chris SleurinkIEM 2: David Evers
IBA 3: Lisa van Disseldorp         IEM 3: Frank Buisman

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