Do you have difficulties studying for a course? Don't worry, Stress has a lot of students who did the course before you and will be happy to help. If you’re interested in having a student tutoring you, you can fill in the request form for a tutor.

Important to note is that Stress is only responsible for matching students to a tutor. What happens after the matching is not our responsibility. As a student, it is your task to make arrangements with the tutor about the hours and the payment (the payment of the tutor also has to be done by the student). A useful measure: the University pays student tutors between 10 and 15 euros an hour, so a payment within this range would be adequate.

Do you want to become a tutor? All of the tutor vacancies we receive will be posted in our tutor platform WhatsApp group first. There is a variety of vacancies with different years and courses. This allows you to choose to tutor the student in the course in which you excel. The moderator will then send the vacancies to which you can reply in private.

Are you interested in tutoring students? Then fill in the form to become part of the tutor pool.